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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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similar with dealing with sea level rise and other problems with building levees instead of by doing what is being encouraged, which is a very extensive program of creating wetlands mitigation for water so that we are not battling with the addition, we are working with the ocean, and we are working with the bay, and i would just come back to what commissioner caen were in the pointed out very early in this meeting today in that where we need to be targeting our waters strategies is on storage. but we have not even touched the tip of the iceberg on storage. wedone in places in australia, providing rain barrels to every single location that uses water in the city and massively storing up water.
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that is how to solve water problems, not by using huge amounts of energy to remove salt and chemicals and other materials from water in a way that will endanger wildlife or directly harm wild wild life. we need to rethink this, and i think it is very premature for the sfpuc to join in with a desalination program like this, and as i believe that commissioner tom t -- commissioner torres one discuss this before we move forward with this, and he is even in favor of desalinization, so i really feel we need to have that conversation before you move forward to moving to wonder thousand dollars in desal. thank you. president vietor: thank you.
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any other public comment? commissioner: i the question for mr. brooks. it is unfortunate that commissioner torres is not with us today. at the part where that we are investigating water supply options that helped more reliably serve customer needs during. the short fall or during emergencies and skipping to the relevant provision, the party's proposed to continue investigations and analysis in the development of the joint desalinization project. this was not in any way contemplated prior to this meeting? because i am seeing action, i am seeing a commitment to continue investigating and analyzing.
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is this still going too far from where you thought commissioner torres was coming from? >> it is possible that the commissioner would even be favre for this, but his opinion was that we needed to flesh out. also, your environment to a chair is not here, and i would think for us to move forward with this desalinization, which is a very controversial thing if not outright bad, i would want to see the full commission here and give us some time to get some public comment out here to say what we think about desalinization and then decide on whether we're going to do it to moderate thousand dollars appropriation. i think the appropriation is the issue. $200,000 to a desal project, it is that, to a public hearing
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before -- i watch e of these he. this is quite a surprise, but it is an action item already. commissioner: have we gone too far, in your mind, without commissioners torres and vietor here? >> yes, i think so. but it's like the idea is to study desal,. if there is no reason to do this today, i would say to wait until we have a full compliment
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of commissioners until we can get the word out to other groups, like save the bay and others, and we need to have that full conversation, and i do not feel that had happened at all, so i would encourage you to bomb this until we have a full complement of commissioners to have a more in-depth -- i would encourage you to bump this. commissioner caen: this has come before us today. this is not new. we have already agreed to go in concert with three other districts to investigate it. that is all we are doing, and we agreed to do in a while ago. mr. ritchie? 2003. >> that is a long time. when i emailed people, they said
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they were surprised this was happening so fast. vice president moran: commissioner courtney's question. >> i was at a hearing last week for cal water, and the chair from the san mateo planning commission was there and ask a lot of good questions, and one of them was, well, with less local water available and other restrictions, where is our water going to come from, because i been approving a lot of housing developments assuming the water is going to be there, but your plan does not convince me, and whether it is was, "well, we are going to look into desal," and she said that did not make her
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more comfortable because there is a lot of controversy over that. climate change, using all of this energy to produce a water source piccata adding to greenhouse gases, so i think it is a good point. you're going to hear from organizations that are concerned at some point, and maybe it is better to hear in the first place, because i do not think people believe things are moving forward with dessal, -- desal, and $2,000 is a lot of money, so i think it would begin to notify people that this was on the agenda. vice president moran: any other further comments? at the wing commissioner caen: 's -- echoing commissioner caen's comments, as we go into
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this planning effort, none of this stuff is simple. the fact is that if he tried to do more storage any meaningful way, rain barrel do not get you there, very frankly, and its storage is the answer, you may need to look at increasing the size of existing reservoirs, and i made the wrong end am delighted to be wrong, i do not think this is what you have in mind. as we look at all the pressures that are on the system, if we cannot work with a little bit -- local options, we have got to go back to the other. it is not simple on any side, and i think we're going to get there, and when we get there, i
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would like to have as down a base as possible about what the dissemination efforts are so we can have a conversation about that. it is also an old project that has been around a long time. it is a new project to be here asked -- as an mou. i, for one, am very comfortable proceeding to this step, and i am sure we will be joined with lots of notice in do time. and with that, if i could have a motion? commissioner caen: i would like to move. vice president moran: is there a sudden? i will seconded. collins' favor? any opposed? the measure carries. -- all in favor? we need three votes, not a
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majority but the majority of the commission. commissioner courtney: i would like to move that we carry the item over. vice president moran: we can have a motion to move to continue it. opposed? it carries, said that will be continued to a future meeting. -- so that will be continued. secretary housh: item 12, the discussion possible action to approve the plans and specifications and award water and a prize water system approved a program funded a contract, the calaveras dam
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replacement project, a joint venture to construct a new earth and rock fill dam to replace existing calaveras dam in alameda county and perform project-related work in santa clara county. >> commissioners, and julie -- i am julie labonte. sometimes we get complacent, and we get a lot of approvals, but it is good to sit back. but we were very pleased with receiving five bids on this key projects. the lowest bid turned out to be responsible responsive, and we are pleased to secure approval for the award of this critical contract. i would also like to point out by the way that the winning bidder did commit to a
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participation of almost 7%, which was higher than the goal, which was 5%, so i think this shows a good favor. >> do you have a specific question? or would you like me to take you through a general overview? do you have a specific question on the process, or would you like -- newmont -- commissioner caen: just to read it through it. >> to be able to complete the work. the apparent low bidder did not submit or we did not find when we went back and look at the
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documentation that affidavit. the city attorney's office reviewed all of the documents and the specifications as well as the law on the matter, and they deemed that it goes towards its responsibility to perform its work, not its response of was, so we deemed the protest without merit. vice president moran: commissioners? any of the questions? public comments? >> a great project. so please do got here. kudos to your staff -- so pleased it got here. vice president moran: thank you. commissioner caen: i would like to make the suggestion that we
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add something to the resolution, and this goes back to my desire for more storage. when this project first came to was, which was in the year 2000 perhaps, i wanted the dam taller, of course, and under the description of scope of work, it is stated, number one, that the design that could accommodate its enlargement but future generations -- i would like that wording put in the resolution because the scope of work can change, and i want to make sure that this is constructed so we can make it larger in the future if need be, so i would like to add in the last result where it says "approved plans and specifications which includes a designs that could accommodate potential enlargement by future
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generations." vice president moran: ok. we have a motion and a second. any discussion on the commission? any public testimony? [laughter] any other public testimony? ok, i have a motion and a second. all of those in favor the motion carries. a contract for a little over quarter of $1 billion. secretary housh: mr. president, perhaps the next two items -- wait a minute. i have lost myself in the agenda
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here. vice president moran: mr. secretary, let's just do them one at a time. secretary housh: i know of 13, -- i the number 13, discussion possible action to approve additional increases to the cost and schedule contract contingencies in the amount of $339,000 for a total amount of almost $3.50 million and 705 consecutive calendar days. vice president moran: commissioners, we have the package in front of us. would you like to have the presentation, or do you have specific questions could ok,
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then if i could have a motion? moved and seconded. is there any public comment. secretary housh: we have no speaker cards. vice president moran: ok, the motion carries. secretary housh: the next item would be item number 14, the discussion possible action to approve increases to the existing contract cost and schedule for water and a prize, water system improvement program hh-935a, and to authorize the general manager to consider it is appropriate to approve my invitations to the contract amount and duration for a total of over $16.50 million in 621 consecutive calendar days. vice president moran: ok, do we
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have questions, or would we like the presentation, or should we vote could -- we vote? do we have a motion? at a second? is there any public comment. -- and a second? is there any public comment? secretary housh: we have no speaker cards. vice president moran: the motion carries. secretary housh: i no. 15, the discussion possible action to approve modification number 92 water enterprises, water system
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and prevent program funded contract number with a time extension greather than 10% of the original contract duration. vice president moran: 80. commissioners? any questions? -- thank you. to what have a motion? -- do i have a motion? commissioner caen: second. vice president moran: a motion and a second. secretary housh: we have no speaker cards. vice president moran: all of those do we have anything for closed session? secretary housh: i do not
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believe we have any, so if you wish, we can take that off of the calendar. then we can move to additional new business, item 21. vice president moran: ok, commissioners, is there any new business? hearing none, do i have a motion to adjourn? commissioner: adjourned. commissioner caen: seconds. vice president moran: all of those in favor? the motion carries. secretary housh: we are adjourned.
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>> i'm your host of "culturewire," and today, here at electric works in san francisco. nice to see you today. thanks for inviting us in and showing us your amazing facility today. >> my pleasure. >> how long has electric works been around? >> electric works has been in san francisco since the beginning of 2007. we moved here from brisbane from our old innovation. we do printmaking, gallery shows, and we have a fabulous retail store where there are lots of fun things to find. >> we will look at all of that as we walk around. it is incredible to me how many
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different things you do. how is it you identify that san francisco was in need of all these different services? >> it came from stepping out of graduate school in 1972. i wrote a little thing about how this is an idea, how our world should work. it should have printmaking, archiving, a gallery. it should have a retail store. in 1972, i wanted to have art sales, point-of-sale at the grocery store. >> so you go through the manifesto. with the bay area should have. you are making art incredibly accessible in so many different ways, so that is a good segue. let's take a walk around the facilities. here we are in your gallery space. can you tell me about the current show? >> the current show is jeff chadsey. he is working on mylar velum, a
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smooth, beautiful drawing surface. i do not know anyone that draws as well as he does. it is perfect, following the contours and making the shape of the body. >> your gallery represents artists from all over, not just the bay area, an artist that work in a lot of different media. how to use some of what you look for in artists you represent? >> it is dependent on people are confident with their materials. that is a really important thing. there is enough stuff in the world already. >> you also have in his current show an artist who makes sculpture out of some really interesting types of materials. let's go over and take a look at that. here we are in a smaller space. project gallery. >> artists used the parameters of this space to find
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relationships between the work that is not out in the big gallery. >> i noticed a lot of artists doing really site-specific work. >> this is a pile of balloons, something that is so familiar, like a child's balloon. in this proportion, suddenly, it becomes something out of a dream. >> or a nightmare. >> may be a nightmare. >> this one over here is even harder to figure out what the initial material is. >> this is made out of puffy paint. often, kids use it to decorate their clothes. she has made all these lines of paint. >> for the pieces we are looking at, is there a core of foam or something in the middle of these pieces that she built on top of? >> i'm not telling. >> ah, a secret. >> this silver is aluminum foil, crumbled of aluminum foil.
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her aesthetic is very much that quiet, japanese spatial thing that i really admire. their attention to the materiality of the things of the world. >> this is a nice juxtaposition you have going on right now. you have a more established artists alongside and emerging artists. is that something important to you as well? >> very important in this space, to have artists who really have not shown much. now let's look at other aspects of electric works operation. let's go to the bookstore. >> ok. >> in all seriousness, here we are in your store. this is the first space you encounter when you come in off the street. it has evolved since you open here into the most amazingly curious selection of things.
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>> this was the project for the berkeley art museum. it was -- this is from william wiley's retrospective, when he got up onstage to sing a song, 270 people put on the cat. >> it is not just a bookstore. it is a store. can you talk us through some of your favorites? >> these are made in china, but they are made out of cattails. >> these pieces of here, you have a whale head and various animals and their health over there, and they are jewelry. >> we do fund raisers for nonprofits, so we are doing a project for the magic theater, so there are some pretty funny cartoons. they are probably not for prime time. >> you sort of have a kind of holistic relationship where you might do merchandise in the store that promotes their work
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and practice, and also, prince for them. maybe we should go back and look at the print operation now. >> let's go. >> before we go into the print shop, i noticed some incredible items you have talked back here. what are we standing in front of? >> this is william wiley, only one earth. this is a print edition. there are only eight total, and what we wanted to do was expand the idea of printmaking. this is really an art object. there we go. >> besides the punball machine, what do you produce in limited edition? >> there is the slot machine. if you win the super jackpot, you have saved the world. >> what about work?
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>> the right design, it was three volumes with lithographs in each volume. the cab of count dracula with 20 lithographs inside and lined with beaver fur. really special. >> let's move on to the print shop. >> ok. the core of what we do is making things. this is an example. this is a print project that will be a fund-raiser for the contemporary music players. we decided to put it in the portfolio so you could either frame at or have it on your bookshelf. >> so nonprofits can come to you, not just visual are nonprofits, but just nonprofits can come to you, and you will produce prints for them to sell, and the profits, they can keep. >> the return on investment is usually four times to 10 times
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the amount of investment. this is for the bio reserve in mexico, and this is one of the artists we represent. >> you also make prints for the artists that you represent. over here are some large prints by a phenomenal artist. >> he writes these beautiful things. anyone who has told you paradise is a book of rules is -- has only appeared through the windows. this is from all over coffee. we are contract printers for all kinds of organizations all across the country. >> thank you very much for showing us around today. i really appreciate you taking the time to let me get better acquainted with the operation and also to share with our "culturewire" team.